• MoonstarOfMoonClan194

    Dear MoonClan

    October 10, 2016 by MoonstarOfMoonClan194

    I, Moonstar the second leader of MoonClan, will take the role of  the well being of the Kits, Queens, and Elders. I will tell the Medicine Cat if they get sick, play with the kits when their board, and hunt for them all.

    Sincerely, Moonstar

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  • Titanic6330

    Hi, Im new to RPing so I dont know what to do. And anyways am I the only active player?Id really appreciate if Snakefur was my mentor. Thats all.

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  • Stareh

    Woop woop

    June 15, 2013 by Stareh

    so as you've all realized by now this site is officially re-open. That means RPing can now start, all that jazz. Just one eensy little problem... 

    When I first wanted to reopen JMC, I knew I would have the entire summer, every single day, to work on it. I wasn't planning on doing anything except a week in July that I'm going on vacation and wouldn't be around. 

    Well, yesterday threw a kink in things...

    I got a job yesterday. GASP. Stareh got a JOB? Wait, what's the punchline? I don't get it! 

    ha. yeah. sort of, at least. I'm only fourteen so I can't technically get paid, so mostly this is just something to do for the summer and I'm going to be getting a crap ton of community service out of it. My high school requires you have about 40 hours of…

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  • Stareh


    January 26, 2013 by Stareh

    As you all know, I held a poll to see whether or not the users wanted me to save JMC. I've counted the votes, and the results were a blow to me - only one vote was to keep JMC active. Six were to have it shut down. At heart I really don't want to do this, but I said it was up to you and you all voted what you wanted. 

    Join MoonClan wiki will be shut down on Monday, February 4th. This will give everyone a little over a week to save any photos, conversations, codes, characters, whatever they want to, before everything is gone for good. 

    I really do still like RPing, it's just keeping up with the whole site that's wearing me down - so Vi sugested I make a MoonClan on WCRW, so the Clan would still live on and I wouldn't have as much to keep up w…

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  • Stareh

    Your Vote Matters.

    January 21, 2013 by Stareh

    Greetings, all. 

    Lately, I've noticed that JMC has become terribly inactive. RPing has ceased to happen, users are hardly ediiting anymore. 

    I've realized that I find myself not caring anymore. Not bothering to change the moons, alert users when they've been inactive too long. Realizing the only reason I'd want to keep this place running and active is if the users wish it. 

    So, I'm casting a poll. If the amount of votes of users not caring if the site is shut down, I'll shut it down. Clear all content and get it deactivated by Wikia. Before anyone asks, "Hey, can I adopt the wiki and take it over?" No. I'm sorry, but no. I really don't want to do that. To see everything I've worked on for the last nearly two years handed off to someone else..…

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  • Violetofen4

    JMC Prophecy

    January 8, 2013 by Violetofen4

    We need one, or I will die here xD

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  • Stareh

    Did y'all get what you wanted? :D I got like nothing that I asked for but the things that I got I still liked so it was all good xD 

    Anywho, merry Christmas, happy new year, woopdidoo, here's the scoop: 

    Christmas day :D Today and today only is the day you can submit your entries for the Christmas contest - you can create a subpage for your userpage, i.e. User:UserName/PageName and post it there if ya like. Or if you'd rather upload it to a website and send me a link to the page that works too, whatever floats your boat. 

    Tomorrow morning I'll judge the entries and pick the winner, based on spelling and grammar and originallity and all that jazz :D 

    Herp derp, I think that's about it. 

    Merry Christmas, y'all~ Like a boss. 14:40, December 25, 201…

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  • Violetofen4

    Merry Christmas ^o^

    December 24, 2012 by Violetofen4

    Since I won't be on tomorrow, Merry Christmas! :D

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  • Stareh

    As you've probably all heard, there was a shooting at a local Elementary school in Connecticut, America today. 28 people were killed, 19 of which were children, mostly kindergarteners. I'm not a religious person, so I'm not going to go into the "they'll be in my prayers" thing, but if you are, I think that's exactly what the families need right now. :/ 

    Now, the point of the blog. 

    Most of you know the story of Emmy Cherry. She was a girl who was a gigantic fan of Warriors, and her and her parents died in a tornado a few year's back. The Erins decided to make her into a character in the books, Brightspirit. And I'm a bit tempted to do the same here, make characters out of the young students who lost their lives to such a disgusting and point…

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  • Stareh

    I Declare...Christmas Contest!

    November 22, 2012 by Stareh

    Happy Thanksgiving, first off, for all you Americans out there, and other than Bird and Birchy I think that's just about everyone. xD

    Second, since tomorrow is BLACK FRIDAY (I think it's one of my favorite days of the year, including my birthday and Christmas. Legit.) and officially marks the beginning of the Christmas, I do think it is appropriate to begin the Christmas competition going.

    I'm really getting into these wiki-interacting things, huh? I like it. :D

    So, the contest is not gonna be drawing. I need to spice it up a bit, and it's not really fair because some people can't draw, i.e. me. xD It's going to be a short story (Warriors, obviously, like I said for the drawing it still needs to be related to JMC somehow xD) related to - you …

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  • Stareh

    Hello fellow wikians! This is our unregulated update blog! :D

    So you should've noticed, unless you're severely color blind, that the wiki has been Halloween-ified. And no, that's not just because I was feeling spontaneous. xD I entered JMC in Wikia's Halloween Costume contest. There's no way in hell we'll win, but I still thought it would be fun to decorate the wiki :) I hardly ever do that, I wanted a change for a while.

    ANYWHO, moving on~

    In the spirit of Halloween (And the fact that JMC has sort of become inactive since school started. D: Come on, guys, we survived through school the first year, we can do it again!) I'm declaring an in-wiki contest :) I don't know about you guys, but i LOVE seeing animals dressed up in costume!

    Yup, that's …

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  • Mosswisker&Stealthfire

    But this sounds so cool! [1] It's basically a competition among the wikis where you choose hero/adventurer/people from different places and put them together to carry the One Ring through Mordor. So, basically like fantasy football, but with hobbits and wizards and such. Anyone with me on this?

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  • Violetofen4

    JMC Adventure!

    September 6, 2012 by Violetofen4

    I am starting an interactive minigame called JMC Adventure. You may have heard about it, or at least Stareh has, for quite a while but I never gave any spoileres away to it.

    Basically this story puts you in the role of a young cat named Nightpaw who joins MoonClan. You get to participate in inportant battles and witness thinsg that happened like Edward's death. It'll be great, don't you worry xD

    However, an interesting twist is that the entire game is in second person POV. It's not the usual third or first so you'll have a kick out of unexpected plot twists and sorts. You get to choose your path as a medicine cat or a warrior, both have their interesting storylines and such, but it'll be amazing. You'll think it's awesome (isn't everything I…

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  • Violetofen4

    ZOMG 1000 EDITS 8DDD

    August 31, 2012 by Violetofen4


    Just kidding.


    This means,




    Yes, now that I'm back (for good) I will be makings some evile plot ideas. This wiki has been dull without 'em so I'll make some more xDDDDDD

    Here's what I've got so far:

    Basically, remember my dumb old character Thrush? HE WON'T BE DUMBLES AND DORES SOON 8D


    JK, but anyways, here's what he'll do.

    Mintflower goes crazy (as Stareh told me) and is on her way to the Moonpool to ask them for guidance and then Thrush pushes her off the waterfall! She dies! Which means Mallowpaw/tail/whatefver will be MC and he'll take an apprentice.

    Thrush-dude will then racket up an army...but doing so he'll contact Silverleopard of the Dark Forest s…

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  • MossfireX

    Please RP

    August 25, 2012 by MossfireX

    Hey guys. It's Mossy. I was wondering if anyone could maybe...RP with me? I'm getting a little bored on this site...thanks~!


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  • Bloody18


    August 19, 2012 by Bloody18

    Yes, thats what I have to say about this monstrosity:

    Someone needs some metal help, and some sleep.

    A burrito....a f*cking burrito!!!!!!!!

    How do you git that messed up?


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  • Stareh


    August 3, 2012 by Stareh

    I've been meaning to do this sooner, but I went on vacation for a few days and didn't have access to the internet.

    Violetofen4, after the bullying of others users, lying about something that was hurting another user, and for proving that she hasn't matured since the fight at the end of January (Most of you should remember that...) when her last ban begun, is banned for life. She will not be coming back. I will not be shortening the ban.

    Her cats will be put up for adoption - after some serious remodeling so that they qualify as real cat coat colors.

    Her little Kit Care thing? I'm declaring a vote - if you think it's stupid, pointless, ext, and you don't care if it's deleted, say so below. If you want to keep it and think its fun, well, say so. …

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  • Stareh

    Couple 'a things...

    July 7, 2012 by Stareh

    Numero one: I don't care if its a copyright violation. We're not going lineart. It's so much easier just to use pictures and be done with it. xD So if you already added your cats lineart pics in, I'd get them replaced with their real pics pronto. Gracias loves!

    Numero two: After lots of conversation between me and Birchy, we have decided to connect our two RP wikis, hers being BlossomClan. We will now have Gatherings, real battles, covert affairs, and lots more drama this way. 8D We're working together to create the border wiki, but it's linked here if anyone just wants to dive right into it:

    That's about it..

    Stareh out! Like a boss. 16:59, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Violetofen4


    July 3, 2012 by Violetofen4

    Okay, there was another power outage up here in Virigina yesterday and I will post the JMC AMV soon. Sorry to keep you guys waiting-just have to put on a finishing touch then it'll be on. Luckily I had saved it while I was animating, so it wasn't lost.

    Again, sorry. I will post it here as soon as I'm finished! :D

    See ya guys soon!


    HERE IT IS!!!!!

    Characters in order of appearance:

    Gingerstar Oakstripe Maxis Dawn Mistyheart Edward Alpha Wolf (creature) Foxtail Mintflower Violetshadow Stormkit Willowblossom Cherryflower Stormy Amberwind


    At the end of the video the cat lying in the grass is Edward in case you are wondering (he's dying from the wolf attack; just like in RP). At the very very end is just my wordmark I put on almost all of my AMVs.

    Tell m…

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  • Stareh

    Goin' Line Art!

    July 2, 2012 by Stareh

    Okay, so this site is basically a copyright violation nightmare. All the pics here are not mine, therefore we violate copyright on about a hundred cases.

    The solution? Go line art, so that all the images belong to me and I won't be arrested and fined a few thousand dollars. xD

    I got permission from WildpathOfShadowClan on dA to use her line arts here, so long as I leave her watermark alone, which obviously I will.

    So the next few weeks I will be dedicated to deleting all the illegal pictures from the site and replacing them with custom-made line arts. It'll be better, when you think about it - I can better make them to fit your cat's description. :D

    So, yeah. It'll take a while, but we'll get this problem fixed. :)

    Stareh out! Like a boss. 21:33…

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  • Stareh

    Break Time.

    June 24, 2012 by Stareh

    I'm leaving. No, not permanently. I wouldn't do that to you guys. xD

    I'm taking a break for a few weeks. I really need it. Too much drama lately, too much stress, too much crying and yelling and cursing on my part. I'm completely, mentally drained. I can't take it anymore.

    I'll be back in a few weeks. Don't expect any replies to messages you leave, unless I'm feeling extra cheery and willing.

    Now, the ultimate challenge. I'm leaving Stealth and Vi in charge while I'm gone. I'll still be here, hovering, but I won't be editing at all. If something big happens to happen, I'll step in, clean the mess up, and be gone again. But...yeah.

    Remember the moons, Stealth and Vi. I'm also lifting the Character Stop as of today, so if any new characters get …

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  • Stareh


    May 29, 2012 by Stareh


    It's official. Join MoonClan Wiki is one year old today. After many a fight, plot idea, deaths, and drama, JMC is still up and running. Trust me, many times I've just wanted to end it, to shut it down. But we did it. We, together, as a wiki, kept my beloved RP site alive.

    Corny speech over. xD

    Since JMC is a year old, and it's a time to celebrate, I'm going to allow each user, if they would like, to create one new character, despite the CS, before Friday, June 1st. If you don't create the cat before June 1st...well, shucks for you. Sorry. D:


    After much consideration and thought, I have now decided to lift the probation on Miss Vi. She will now be allowed to create as many characters as she likes. But *glare* if, by …

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  • Stareh

    Yeah. You heard me. Don't look at me like that! It's your fault we have too many characters!

    ha. So, yeah, another character stop. We had SO many cats become apprentices today, and I've been meaning to put a stop...

    For all of you newbies out there, Character Stops are when you can't create new characters. New users will be allowed to join with one cat, no cats will be allowed to be adopted, and any current pregnant she-cats may give birth. We have 48 cats, which isn't EXTREMELY bad, but it's getting close. I'd rather slice the numbers now.

    If anyone is willingly to give up any cats they don't want, please do so. We'll introduce the new plot line to kill of more cats soon. If you would like your cats you don't want anymore to be killed in the…

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  • Violetofen4

    Plot Magic

    April 5, 2012 by Violetofen4

    I've done it again! MAGIC PLOT IDEAS :D

    Out of nowhere, the amazing Vi (with help from our founder, Stareh), has come up with a new plot idea that will blow your minds! (And possibly reduce the clan amount, I mean, MC is HUGE D:)

    So, unexpectingly, half-eaten, torn up prey is found near the borders of MC territory. Confused, the clan seeks out the scents of whatever creature lurks nearby.

    Guess what?

    A huge pack of wolves attack camp. Defenseless, many clan members die, or are dragged away by the wolves, never to be seen again.

    But when one lone wolf returns, the clan kills it, and the other pack members leave the clan alone :)

    Good? I can always make minor changes xD

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  • Stareh


    April 1, 2012 by Stareh

    Hullo guys! Just a few site updates, some newz about my...groundedness...and...something else, supah special... :)

    OKAY, so, site updates.

    1) New wordmark! Top left corner of the site. Remember, it used to be that craptastic black with the yellow cursive?

    Crap be gone! I played around with the prettyness and BOOM :D

    2) Top Ten List. For the Full Moon Weekly? I'm making this week's tomorrow, which means you have exactly one day left to vote. As it stands, Riverpaw, RPed by Birchalicious, is in the lead. :)

    3) Tomorrow I'm making the season Newleaf, so. Yah. xD

    All right, now moving on to my...groundedness. Dx

    Friday was the last day to turn stuff in for this card marking, which means that the grades we have now are the ones we'll have on our repor…

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  • Stareh

    Top Ten List :D

    March 26, 2012 by Stareh


    So, you know how on the Full Moon Weekly, I do the Cat of the Week? Well, instead of me randomly picking the cat, now YOU are gonna pick it! Each week I'll post a Top Ten List, with one cat from every user on the list. Then, you vote for whichever cat you think should be featured! I can't stop you from voting from your own cat, but if you do I guess do it quietly. xD

    This week's poll is posted, so go vote :)

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  • Eaglefur

    I'm really wondering what I should name my next cat.


    23 moons

    Glossy sleek gray fur, she-cat, blue eyes

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  • Stareh


    February 17, 2012 by Stareh

    All right, so, apprently our user and my fellow admin Sand is leaving JMC. :/ Which means, when I return from my two-week leave, we have no admins other than myself.

    So, I'm officially considering a new admin. I don't know who it'll be yet, but we need another admin. Someone who knows coding, isn't afraid to deal with drama, is responsible, has a good rep, ect, ect. When I come back from my leave I'll annonce then new admin. :)

    On another note,

    Sand had a LOT of cats. She offered them to me, Zaffie and Birchy, but Birchy and I don't want any of them. I have too many, and I don't know about Birchy, lol.

    So, the ones that Zaffie doesn't take are being put up for adoption. Any of you that want her cats, I'll put them up after Zaffie picks whatever …

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  • Sandstormrocks32


    February 15, 2012 by Sandstormrocks32

    I'm so sorry you guys but...I have to leave. School is more stressful then ever and I can barely keep up with my daily and love life and I know i've been inactive so yeah. You have Bloody, I think, as a new admin and Bloody is waaaaay better than me...sorry guys. Love you all.

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  • Stareh


    February 9, 2012 by Stareh


    I'm not gonne be here for a few weeks.

    My grades are caput, and my parents are very very angry. my mom's banned me from the computer, but my dad thinks she's being unfair and he's trying to overrule her punishement.

    Either way, I need to be responsible and do my school stuff, y'know? So that's my main focus now.

    As in, not JMC.


    I seriously need to focus. Good grades = happy parents. Happy parents = more computer time. More computer time = lots of spare time to play on JMC and WFW and all the good stuff.

    So, I should step away for a bit and get caught up, right?

    Right :)

    So, not sure when I'll be back, and since our fellow admin Sand is, like, AWOL, I'm temporarily naming Birchy and Zaffie admins to watch over the site for me. Behave for the…

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  • Stareh

    Hey guys! I've benn working on the site recently, and I've added some cool new chizz.

    1) Wikia newspaper! Its started and going good so far! What do you guys think so far?

    2) I enabled wiki chat! :) To use it, just go to Recent Activity, and on the right side, under the Search box, click Start a Chat :)

    3) Advanced Wiki Navagation. Thats the fancy bar at the top of the site, below the Wiki bar. :) I'm gonna fix it up, add the RP dens, cats, ext, ext.

    4) New look! Our wiki colors are officially pale blue and purple :) I played around with some colors and graphics, and I think the site turned out pretty nice looking, if I do say so myself.

    5) Guess who requested our site for wiki spotlight? :) I'm not 100% sure we'll get approved. One of the requ…

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  • Mosswisker&Stealthfire


    January 11, 2012 by Mosswisker&Stealthfire

    Okay, so this doesn't technically have to do with MoonClan, but we all roleplay, so...

    Zaf's redoing StormClan, and I figure, the more the merrier!

    So...I guess that's it. Wow, this feels short :P



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  • Stareh

    Wikia Newspaper

    December 30, 2011 by Stareh

    Okay, so, I saw this idea on WFW and I really liked it. So, I'll ask for your input.

    How about if we had a wikia newspaper? We could have a "Character of the Week" on it. Like, I choose a character randomly (I have a program I can use - I just enter all the character names into it and click a button and it spits a name at me) and make a section about that cat.

    I could do this instead of doing small updates on the Community Messages on the Recent Activity page.

    So, does anyone like the idea? If so, does anyone have any ideas?

    I think we could make this work. :)

    Stargaze All I want for Christmas is a blue ball of yarn.... 18:38, December 30, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Dazzle~♪


    December 23, 2011 by Dazzle~♪

    I'd like to say that I'm gonna leave this wiki. Not forever! I'll come back after a while. But...well, I've found roleplaying is becoming more and more...I hate to say it, but it's becoming...BORING. So, I'm leaving this wiki for a while. Expect me back around March, when my brain gets over some facts at school that NO ONE needs to know about. :( Sorry guys, I know I haven't even been here that long, but I'll return in spring. Don't forget me forever, you need to remember who I am when I come back. I'm really sad to leave, and roleplaying is losing its fun streak with extreme matters at home and school. It'll become fun for me eventually, but until then...



    Things've chilled down a bit, and I'm coming back! I'll be pretty shallow …

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  • Stareh

    New Character Stop

    December 6, 2011 by Stareh

    You've heard of picture stops. You've heard of story stops.

    Now, you've heard of character stops!!

    We have way too many cats in the Clan right now. According to Zaffie, who counted because I was too lazy, we have 53, which is pretty big.


    Until some cats die, which should be pretty soon thanks to our new plot ideas, no members are allowed to create any new cats. New members are allowed to be added into the Clan, but with only one cat, no more, until our numbers drop from 53 to at least 48. I'm already killing off two of my cats, and I want to kill off at least three.


    Stealth, because I came up with this idea after you added Honey's kits, you're allowed to keep them.


    Ask if you got any questions, I guess.



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  • Violetofen4

    Another Plot Idea

    December 5, 2011 by Violetofen4

    Soooo, I have another plot idea, since we already started the last one.

    So, Edward caught this weird sickness, well, more like, he was beaten by those rogues to the point he suddenly is all quiet, but he got ill and can't move from his spot without help.


    The illness will start spreading among the clan, where everyone is slowly dying (don't worry, Edward's too epic a character to die, JK, but he won't die XD), and Webfoot and Mintflower are having trouble healing them.

    Think about this, FP. I'm sure Webfoot won't be too happy that Edward has new wounds to get cleaned up XD (And for once, it wasn't Maxis. GEEZ ROGUES LEAVE THE POOR TOM ALONE.) Yeah, Edward must have rogue-attracter men's perfume or something XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Back on topi…

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  • Violetofen4

    Ohrighty, FOR TEH PLOT

    November 28, 2011 by Violetofen4

    Read this whole epic IRC post for the almighty idea I had (that both Stareh and Sand like-ed):

    [16:22] OK</u>

    <u>[16:22] Well</u>

    <u>[16:22] For the plot</u>

    [16:22] So anyone who goes hunting can add prey to the Fresh Kill pile

    <u>[16:22] Cats are suddenly disappearing from patrols</u>

    [16:22] o_o

    <u>[16:22] Cat paw prints are found, but not a scent</u>

    [16:23] mkay Im at the template thing and now IDK what to do

    [16:23] open a new tab and go to Birchy's add request

    <u>[16:23] But soon enough, Takeo (who's like some weird Sol mixed with x10 the jerkiness) returns to the clan to warn them that his revenge has come</u>

    [16:23] lol

    [16:23] O_O

    [16:24] Squishee: Once you got the tab open, just fill it in! :)

    <u>[16:24] The clan thinks he's the one who's made …

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  • Violetofen4

    JMC Spoof

    November 7, 2011 by Violetofen4

    Don't get mad at me-I spoofed WCRW, which is a popular hit there (it's fricking hilarious), so I had to spoof this too. Enjoy~

    Part 1:

    Edward: Woe is meh, I have cuts and bruises! T_T

    Webfoot: *smacks* Quiet fool, I'm going to heal you.

    Edward: B-but T_T

    Forestheart: *throws magical rocks at him* ;D

    Edward: *shuts up* 8'(

    Gingerstar: O.M.G, I am...

    Oakstripe: What's wrong oh humbleness?

    Gingerstar: Hungry. Fetch me a mouse, minion.

    Mintflower: *is eating mouse* Nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom

    Oakstripe: *Takes Minteh's mouse and gives it to Gingerstar* There you go.

    Gingerstar: *eats* Oh joy! SUGAR MOUSE RUSH THINGY *sings the Nom Nom Nom song*


    Amberwind: *rescues*

    Anne: Hai.

    Amberwind: AHHH It's a rat!

    Anne: I'…

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  • Dazzle~♪


    October 30, 2011 by Dazzle~♪

    Sorry if I don't have a place to speak about this, but I've noticed that most of the pages and cats haven't been updated for a while. For example, it says Edward kit is Echokit. Also, Vanillawish's page should say Vanillawish, but says Vanillapaw.

    Short blog post, long idea, comment!

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  • Violetofen4


    October 22, 2011 by Violetofen4

    If you haven't noticed, I've been inactive.

    I have a ton of school work, and my parents are taking away my computer.

    I will be back, please don't remove my characters or, well, DO anything with them...



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  • Violetofen4

    Admin Offering

    October 8, 2011 by Violetofen4

    Warning: This is just a sign-up sheet. It doesn't mean he/she HAS to become an admin. Just an offering.

    Q: If you could become an admin, what would you use the rights for?

    A: To help the wiki, of course.

    Q: Why should you become an admin?

    A: I work very hard to keep this wiki in tiptop shape ^^. Hey, I may have bad days, but so does everyone else. Besides, I'm an experienced admin on other wikis and have plenty of spare time to watch over this one (which I already do XDDD)

    Information Zone:

    Username: 4pinkbear

    Nickname: Violet

    Edits: 447, may be higher lol

    More probably later lol.

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  • Violetofen4


    October 8, 2011 by Violetofen4

    I've been inactive...don't remove my cats. It's not on purpose, I'm just not allowed on the weekdays to be on the CPU TT_____TT

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  • Violetofen4

    Animated Images

    September 11, 2011 by Violetofen4

    I make many animated images.

    Like for example, I made Edward:

    I can make an animated image for your cat if you'd like.


    Please, make it a simple animation.

    Crying is an easy animation.

    Smiling is another good one.

    Or a flicking tail.

    However, I will not put a whole load of detail into everyone's image like I did Edward's. Please forgive me, I have a lot of stuff to do.

    The least I can do is add highlights and shading to each frame.


    Seriously. No complicated images with them hunting. Just a facial expression change.

    Want your cat to have it's eyes change color? Fine. I can do that.

    Nothing too complicated, nothing more than tears, eye color changes, smile growing bigger, etc.

    I now also do slight glows around y…

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  • Violetofen4

    Just a question.

    August 30, 2011 by Violetofen4

    I'm not trying to seem rude, greedy, or angry.

    This is just honesty.

    How come Sand is an admin, but I've been here longer and around the same amount of edits?

    No offense, I'm just voicing my opinion, and I'm not trying to sound or seem rude in any form or way when I say this.

    VioletDon't feed the plants! 19:39, August 30, 2011 (UTC)


    Well, I've been here 3 days longer than Sand has, and we have about the same amount of edits, and I'm on everyday to check in.

    I just started school so I'll be slightly less active, but don't you think that's a little unfair?

    Again, not trying to sound rude or greedy, I'm just saying my opinion.

    VioletDon't feed the plants! 19:43, August 30, 2011 (UTC)

    Read more >
  • Stareh

    Greetings, members of MoonClan!

    Read this!



    Sand and Forest are in charge while I'm gone. Forest knows how the site works and will help Sand *glares*

    Just wanted you all to know....

    Your leader isn't going to be AWOL! Sand and Forest are gonna RP my more important characters, soooo...

    Sand is now an admin, so don't piss her off. She can ban o_o I'd say don't piss off Forest too, but that goes without being said.

    Try not to set my site on fire, k? :) thanks, all. I'll be back before y'all know it ^.^

    Gingerstar I AM YOUR LEADER! OBEY OR ELSE! xD 17:53, August 29, 2011 (UTC)


    This conversation is over. I am tired of arguing. Comments blocked. Thanks.

    Gingerstar I AM YOUR LEADER! OBEY OR ELSE! xD 19:24, September 1, 2011 (UTC)

    Read more >
  • Violetofen4

    BeachClan RPG

    August 12, 2011 by Violetofen4

    Sooo, I made a site called BeachClan RPG.

    It's link is

    And I need users. I literally only have two (Me and Wetty) :'(

    So yeah.

    I was thinking, maybe, somehow we can like make some kind of RPG thingy in which MoonClan and BeachClan can connect/interact with eachother. Like Battles, Cat Trades, and etc.

    I'm not saying we have to, it's just a suggestion. Then there would REALLY be more stuff to do XD

    For Cat Trades, I meant like trade in one of your cats for another that you have in the other clan, or a Cat Transfer so you can move one cat to or from one or the other clan.

    Remember that BeachClan territory is HUGE. I mean bigger than MoonClan's. They live in a large, rainy forest with an abandoned beach shore, and there's …

    Read more >
  • Violetofen4

    You wanted to see a purple-gray cat?

    Using poor re-coloration skills, I show you cats with purple-gray fur:

    This is a lighter purple-gray cat with lighter dapples. It has a notable lavender tint ot its fur.

    And this is a darker purple-gray cat. It has a more violet tint to its fur with lighter streaks.

    They aren't perfect recolors but I have seen a cat like this before, I just couldn't find a picture.

    Read more >
  • EmeraldeKitty008


    June 13, 2011 by EmeraldeKitty008

    Two cats came together by chance.

    They liked to come at night and prance.

    For every second they spent together

    Their love became strong and even better.

    But when one, the tom, fell to the dreaded poison,

    Their lives changed forever, for there was no boysen.

    Boysenberry was the only cure,

    But there was none around, the she was sure.

    ’Twas not contagious, so she would be fine,

    But it was for his life that she did pine.

    If she could take the disease from him,

    She would, but she couldn’t, so the outcome was grim.

    The tom died not long after,

    And no longer was his mate full of laughter.

    She used to smile and joke around,

    But with the tom dead, there was none of that to be found.

    To make things worse, after his death,

    Her kits were born, Alyna and N’seth.

    She cou…

    Read more >
  • EmeraldeKitty008

    Once Upon a Midnight Howl by EK008

    Once upon a midnight howl

    A wolfish cat awoke to prowl.

    He felt unsure, unsafe, unsecure,

    Something was here- of that he was sure.

    He glanced around, forth and back,

    And cautiously, he caught a snack.

    He heard a snarl, a ferocious growl,

    And then a noisy nearby howl.

    A wolf! A wolf! On his land!

    He would through a stone, but he had no hand.

    It was catching prey, oh dear, oh my,

    It made the cat just want to die.

    For leafbare was here, and the wolf looked so thin,

    That he gave it his prey with a shy grin.

    The wolf was so scared, starved to half death,

    That the cat wanted to bring it to his G'reth.

    G'reth was a dragon, so small, but so skilled,

    That the tom knew that the news had to be spilled.

    He told G'reth all the things he…

    Read more >
  • Forestpaw13

    The Hairy Monster wants some freaking Swedish Fish.

    One day, there was a large monster in the bedroom. It sneaked out of the bedroom to find a small child eating Swedish fish in the living room. The boy was watched closely by his parents, who were watching television out of the corner of their eyes.

    The monster wanted a Swedish fish, too.

    Suddenly, a large rabid squirrel shot through the window, killed the boy, and stole his fish.

    The monster wanted a Swedish fish, too.

    So the monster crept forward, oh so slightly, and reached out his hairy, disgusting paw…

    If he had his eyes open, he would see the squirrel had randomly dropped dead due to a release of excess carbon monoxide in the house. He also would have seen the boy had risen as a zombie to …

    Read more >

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