Welcome to MoonClan

Camp Entrance

Welcome to MoonClan's camp! My name is Brightstar and I am the leader and founder of MoonClan. If you would like to join the Clan, go here. Please read the rules before joining! See that slope of ferns on the right side of the stream? If you cross at the fallen tree truck and climb that, you'll be at our camp! Have fun!

Around the Site

The Camp

Leader's Den: Brightstar sleeps here

Medicine Den: The medicine cat and their apprentice sleep here, and treat patients

Warriors Den: Warriors and the deputy sleep here, and only they are allowed in

Apprentices Den: Apprentices sleep here

Nursery: Queens and their kits sleep here

Elders Den: Elders sleep here

Center of Camp: Cats gather, eat, and share tounges here.

The Territory

The Woods: A place where cats can hunt and train

The Abandoned Monster: In the woods, an old monster is abandoned here.

The Waterfall: Cats can hunt and swim

Top Of the Waterfall: Only warriors are allowed up here, but apprentces are allowed with mentors permission

Training Clearing: A place where mentors can train their apprentices

The Creek: A place where cats hunt, train, and swim

Other Pages

StarClan: Deceased members and prophecies go here

Plot: A place where users can discuss what is to happen in the future

Join MoonClan: Join The Clan: Join the Clan!

Join MoonClan: Rules: Rules of RolePlaying

Full Moon Weekly: The wikia's newspaper :)

Other Information


One week = one moon

0-5 moons = Kit

6-12 moons = Apprentice

13-50 moons = Warrior

51-99 moons = Senior Warrior

100-150 moons = Elder

All cats die of old age at 150 moons, if they are still alive by that time.


MoonClan is on IRC! Click here!