The Dark Forest is where bad -or just plain evil- cats go after death.

Cats who Haunt these Woods


RPer - 4pinkbear

Description - dark brown tom with amber eyes

Age - 30 moons

Personality - He was cruel and abusive, didn't care for other cats.

Family - Sophia (mate), Edward (brother), Anne (sister), Aldric (brother)

Cause of Death - Killed by Gingerstar


RPer - 4pinkbear

Description - silver she-cat with lively green eyes

Age - 25 moons

Personality - Although kind and generous, she was a murderer and enjoyed killing innocent cats.

Family - Maxis (mate)

Cause of Death - Killed by Forestheart


RPer - 4pinkbear

Description - silver she-cat with darker spots, like leopard patches, a white muzzle and underbelly, dark brown paws, and intense amber-green eyes.

Age - 15 moons

Personality - evil and wicked, revenge-desiring

Family - Unknown

Rank - She's not from MoonClan, but was a warrior of another clan.

Cause of Death - Slit neck on rocks near a river, why is unknown.

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