Once Upon a Midnight Howl by EK008

Once upon a midnight howl

A wolfish cat awoke to prowl.

He felt unsure, unsafe, unsecure,

Something was here- of that he was sure.

He glanced around, forth and back,

And cautiously, he caught a snack.

He heard a snarl, a ferocious growl,

And then a noisy nearby howl.

A wolf! A wolf! On his land!

He would through a stone, but he had no hand.

It was catching prey, oh dear, oh my,

It made the cat just want to die.

For leafbare was here, and the wolf looked so thin,

That he gave it his prey with a shy grin.

The wolf was so scared, starved to half death,

That the cat wanted to bring it to his G'reth.

G'reth was a dragon, so small, but so skilled,

That the tom knew that the news had to be spilled.

He told G'reth all the things he had saw,

And of the skinny wolf that left him in awe.

G'reth felt compassion and was moved to go

That he brought it to health, and the cat saw it so.

And once upon a yowl and a howl

A cat and a wolf awoke to prowl.

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