Two cats came together by chance.

They liked to come at night and prance.

For every second they spent together

Their love became strong and even better.

But when one, the tom, fell to the dreaded poison,

Their lives changed forever, for there was no boysen.

Boysenberry was the only cure,

But there was none around, the she was sure.

’Twas not contagious, so she would be fine,

But it was for his life that she did pine.

If she could take the disease from him,

She would, but she couldn’t, so the outcome was grim.

The tom died not long after,

And no longer was his mate full of laughter.

She used to smile and joke around,

But with the tom dead, there was none of that to be found.

To make things worse, after his death,

Her kits were born, Alyna and N’seth.

She couldn’t leave to hunt! The kits were too small!

She started to worry, and was thin and all.

The kits soon did die, leaving her alone,

Out in the world with huge sadness to moan.

And all for a sickness unpreventable.

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