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  • My occupation is AYYYYY
  • I am EPIC BOSS
  • Forestpaw13

    The Hairy Monster wants some freaking Swedish Fish.

    One day, there was a large monster in the bedroom. It sneaked out of the bedroom to find a small child eating Swedish fish in the living room. The boy was watched closely by his parents, who were watching television out of the corner of their eyes.

    The monster wanted a Swedish fish, too.

    Suddenly, a large rabid squirrel shot through the window, killed the boy, and stole his fish.

    The monster wanted a Swedish fish, too.

    So the monster crept forward, oh so slightly, and reached out his hairy, disgusting paw…

    If he had his eyes open, he would see the squirrel had randomly dropped dead due to a release of excess carbon monoxide in the house. He also would have seen the boy had risen as a zombie to …

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