I'm not gonne be here for a few weeks.

My grades are caput, and my parents are very very angry. my mom's banned me from the computer, but my dad thinks she's being unfair and he's trying to overrule her punishement.

Either way, I need to be responsible and do my school stuff, y'know? So that's my main focus now.

As in, not JMC.


I seriously need to focus. Good grades = happy parents. Happy parents = more computer time. More computer time = lots of spare time to play on JMC and WFW and all the good stuff.

So, I should step away for a bit and get caught up, right?

Right :)

So, not sure when I'll be back, and since our fellow admin Sand is, like, AWOL, I'm temporarily naming Birchy and Zaffie admins to watch over the site for me. Behave for them, okay? I'll still be here, just not editing, so if any of you step out of line, I'll be here to punch you back into shape.

Birchy's basically just gonna take care of drama issues, if any. Zaffie's gonna do moons and CotC stuff for me.

So, all of you who've been complaining about my slow responses, COMPLAIN TO ZAFFIE NOW. xD

Soooo....if any of you need anything, just message me, and I'll get to it as soon as possible. (BTW: Message wall's enabled! :) Go check it out!)

....Yeah. So, today's maybe the last time I'll really BE AROUND for a while. No more than three weeks. I'll try to get back.

Be good. I'll be back soon.

Good luck, Birchy and Zaf!

(: Stareh out! This. is a siggie. 21:31, February 9, 2012 (UTC)

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