Okay, so this site is basically a copyright violation nightmare. All the pics here are not mine, therefore we violate copyright on about a hundred cases.

The solution? Go line art, so that all the images belong to me and I won't be arrested and fined a few thousand dollars. xD

I got permission from WildpathOfShadowClan on dA to use her line arts here, so long as I leave her watermark alone, which obviously I will.

So the next few weeks I will be dedicated to deleting all the illegal pictures from the site and replacing them with custom-made line arts. It'll be better, when you think about it - I can better make them to fit your cat's description. :D

So, yeah. It'll take a while, but we'll get this problem fixed. :)

Stareh out! Like a boss. 21:33, July 2, 2012 (UTC) (<---- Epic sig, no? 8D Forever the queen of coding)

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