Happy Thanksgiving, first off, for all you Americans out there, and other than Bird and Birchy I think that's just about everyone. xD

Second, since tomorrow is BLACK FRIDAY (I think it's one of my favorite days of the year, including my birthday and Christmas. Legit.) and officially marks the beginning of the Christmas, I do think it is appropriate to begin the Christmas competition going.

I'm really getting into these wiki-interacting things, huh? I like it. :D

So, the contest is not gonna be drawing. I need to spice it up a bit, and it's not really fair because some people can't draw, i.e. me. xD It's going to be a short story (Warriors, obviously, like I said for the drawing it still needs to be related to JMC somehow xD) related to - you guessed it - Christmas! :) That's why I'm starting it now and not, say, in a week or two. I say the longer you have the write the story is probably better.

The story'll be rated on originality, spelling and grammar, the overall plotline...and, yep. :D

Aight, Stareh out~ Like a boss. 14:54, November 22, 2012 (UTC)

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