Did y'all get what you wanted? :D I got like nothing that I asked for but the things that I got I still liked so it was all good xD 

Anywho, merry Christmas, happy new year, woopdidoo, here's the scoop: 

Christmas day :D Today and today only is the day you can submit your entries for the Christmas contest - you can create a subpage for your userpage, i.e. User:UserName/PageName and post it there if ya like. Or if you'd rather upload it to a website and send me a link to the page that works too, whatever floats your boat. 

Tomorrow morning I'll judge the entries and pick the winner, based on spelling and grammar and originallity and all that jazz :D 

Herp derp, I think that's about it. 

Merry Christmas, y'all~ Like a boss. 14:40, December 25, 2012 (UTC)

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