You've heard of picture stops. You've heard of story stops.

Now, you've heard of character stops!!

We have way too many cats in the Clan right now. According to Zaffie, who counted because I was too lazy, we have 53, which is pretty big.


Until some cats die, which should be pretty soon thanks to our new plot ideas, no members are allowed to create any new cats. New members are allowed to be added into the Clan, but with only one cat, no more, until our numbers drop from 53 to at least 48. I'm already killing off two of my cats, and I want to kill off at least three.


Stealth, because I came up with this idea after you added Honey's kits, you're allowed to keep them.


Ask if you got any questions, I guess.


Stargaze Gobble gobble! :P 21:49, December 6, 2011 (UTC) <-- outdated sig...

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