so as you've all realized by now this site is officially re-open. That means RPing can now start, all that jazz. Just one eensy little problem... 

When I first wanted to reopen JMC, I knew I would have the entire summer, every single day, to work on it. I wasn't planning on doing anything except a week in July that I'm going on vacation and wouldn't be around. 

Well, yesterday threw a kink in things...

I got a job yesterday. GASP. Stareh got a JOB? Wait, what's the punchline? I don't get it! 

ha. yeah. sort of, at least. I'm only fourteen so I can't technically get paid, so mostly this is just something to do for the summer and I'm going to be getting a crap ton of community service out of it. My high school requires you have about 40 hours of community service to graduate - well, I'll have the much after about....five days of working. lolz. 

So, basically I'm going to be gone all day every Tuesday, Friday, and maybe possibly Thursdays until near the end of August. There's actually going to be two weeks in July that I won't be around at all - my boss needs me to work the whole week of the July 4th weekend and then I'm going on vacation the next week. 

So, I decided that myself as the only admin was not going to work whatsoever. So I contemplated long and hard (about three minutes actually) and now I present to you your new admins - Reddypoo amd Wetmeister! Woop! (does anyone else find it ironic that these two were BOTH made admin on the same day on two different wikis? gah)

So, y'all listen to them when I'm not around (I start working this Friday) annnd. That's about it. 

Stareh out o/ S T A R 12:36, June 15, 2013 (UTC)

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