It's official. Join MoonClan Wiki is one year old today. After many a fight, plot idea, deaths, and drama, JMC is still up and running. Trust me, many times I've just wanted to end it, to shut it down. But we did it. We, together, as a wiki, kept my beloved RP site alive.

Corny speech over. xD

Since JMC is a year old, and it's a time to celebrate, I'm going to allow each user, if they would like, to create one new character, despite the CS, before Friday, June 1st. If you don't create the cat before June 1st...well, shucks for you. Sorry. D:


After much consideration and thought, I have now decided to lift the probation on Miss Vi. She will now be allowed to create as many characters as she likes. But *glare* if, by any possibility, Vi disrespects me in the ways she did January 28th, she will have a permanent ban. And I will not be so forgiving to lift it as last time.

I think there's a three...


I'm starting this new galary for JMC, where I make a bunch of lineart pictures of cats in MoonClan and post them to my dA. If you want to look at them, go here.


For JMC's wonderful birthday, I am making one HUGE picture of all the cats in MoonClan, in the style of the pics linked above. So. :)

Okay... yeah. Stareh out! This. is a siggie. 19:25, May 29, 2012 (UTC)

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