Hullo guys! Just a few site updates, some newz about my...groundedness...and...something else, supah special... :)

OKAY, so, site updates.

1) New wordmark! Top left corner of the site. Remember, it used to be that craptastic black with the yellow cursive?

Crap be gone! I played around with the prettyness and BOOM :D

2) Top Ten List. For the Full Moon Weekly? I'm making this week's tomorrow, which means you have exactly one day left to vote. As it stands, Riverpaw, RPed by Birchalicious, is in the lead. :)

3) Tomorrow I'm making the season Newleaf, so. Yah. xD

All right, now moving on to my...groundedness. Dx

Friday was the last day to turn stuff in for this card marking, which means that the grades we have now are the ones we'll have on our report card. So I checked....

A. A. A. C. C-. C-.

... *explosion noise*

I guess...the last C- is science, which I had a D- in three days ago, so I suppose that's good. But I still think my mom'll ground me for like a week or two. :/ Deffinetely not getting my iPod back for a while... Oh, and Spring Break started, so I'll be online for the next week, like, 24/7. xD

So the last supah special thing?

I've decided who the next admin is for MoonClan. I'm degrading Zaffie back to a rollback (Don't hate me, buddy, but we don't need three admins D8) and I'll announce the new admin of JMC tomorrow. :)

Stareh out! This. is a siggie. 13:45, April 1, 2012 (UTC)

EDIT: Time to announce the new admin of JMC. :)

Now, all of you would make amazing admins for this site, and if I had a need for every user to have rights, I would. I'd pass them out like candy to all of you, because all of you are dedicated, know how the site works, and I've never had trouble from most of you. But I only need two admins right now - myself, and this next person, who will back me up if I'm running behind with school or other stuff.

I chose this person because although they might not be the most active person ever, I've never had one speck of trouble from them, or ever heard of them being in trouble anywhere else. She's always eager to help, she always wants whats best for the wikia, and they're familiar with the wiki, having been on the wiki longer than a lot of other users. :)

I am proud to announce that the new admin of Join MoonClan Wikia is...


(: Congratulations, Stealth!

Stareh out - again! This. is a siggie. 15:51, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

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