Soooo, I have another plot idea, since we already started the last one.

So, Edward caught this weird sickness, well, more like, he was beaten by those rogues to the point he suddenly is all quiet, but he got ill and can't move from his spot without help.


The illness will start spreading among the clan, where everyone is slowly dying (don't worry, Edward's too epic a character to die, JK, but he won't die XD), and Webfoot and Mintflower are having trouble healing them.

Think about this, FP. I'm sure Webfoot won't be too happy that Edward has new wounds to get cleaned up XD (And for once, it wasn't Maxis. GEEZ ROGUES LEAVE THE POOR TOM ALONE.) Yeah, Edward must have rogue-attracter men's perfume or something XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Back on topic, so most of them get cured, and Stormy hears this from Willowblossom, who had been hunting by the Twolegplace to supply food for her sick clanmates. Stormy goes out, worried for Amberwind and the kits, and his twolegs go searching for him, and stumble upon the dying cats. They get pet carriers, and take them home with them to keep until they're cured, but the clan gets desperate to rescue their missing clanmates. They run to the rescue, and manage to help them all out.

Remember, this will only be like a few cats, like 5 (of course, since Edward still has the illness by then, he'll be my one).


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