Sooo, I made a site called BeachClan RPG.

It's link is

And I need users. I literally only have two (Me and Wetty) :'(

So yeah.

I was thinking, maybe, somehow we can like make some kind of RPG thingy in which MoonClan and BeachClan can connect/interact with eachother. Like Battles, Cat Trades, and etc.

I'm not saying we have to, it's just a suggestion. Then there would REALLY be more stuff to do XD

For Cat Trades, I meant like trade in one of your cats for another that you have in the other clan, or a Cat Transfer so you can move one cat to or from one or the other clan.

Remember that BeachClan territory is HUGE. I mean bigger than MoonClan's. They live in a large, rainy forest with an abandoned beach shore, and there's plenty of places to explore (that I haven't added yet XD

But my point is that I need more members, and that I think it would be a good idea to let our clans interact, y'know. I can make a Wiki for it ^^

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