Okay, there was another power outage up here in Virigina yesterday and I will post the JMC AMV soon. Sorry to keep you guys waiting-just have to put on a finishing touch then it'll be on. Luckily I had saved it while I was animating, so it wasn't lost.

Again, sorry. I will post it here as soon as I'm finished! :D

See ya guys soon!



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Characters in order of appearance:

Gingerstar Oakstripe Maxis Dawn Mistyheart Edward Alpha Wolf (creature) Foxtail Mintflower Violetshadow Stormkit Willowblossom Cherryflower Stormy Amberwind


At the end of the video the cat lying in the grass is Edward in case you are wondering (he's dying from the wolf attack; just like in RP). At the very very end is just my wordmark I put on almost all of my AMVs.

Tell me what you think! It isn't perfect but I think it's okay! :)



I told you guys you are able to use my apprentice/kit blanks on here if you want, so here's an example. I did Flutterkit, my new character:


Pretty good, huh? I have to fix an error on her pelt so she isn't quite finished yet ^_^

But that's just an example.


I made blanks!

I know Stareh, you picked blanks already, but these are the ones I'm going to use (you told me I could use my own) and anyone else here can use. They're my original blanks and I don't want you guys using them on any other site. Thank you x3

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