I am starting an interactive minigame called JMC Adventure. You may have heard about it, or at least Stareh has, for quite a while but I never gave any spoileres away to it.

Basically this story puts you in the role of a young cat named Nightpaw who joins MoonClan. You get to participate in inportant battles and witness thinsg that happened like Edward's death. It'll be great, don't you worry xD

However, an interesting twist is that the entire game is in second person POV. It's not the usual third or first so you'll have a kick out of unexpected plot twists and sorts. You get to choose your path as a medicine cat or a warrior, both have their interesting storylines and such, but it'll be amazing. You'll think it's awesome (isn't everything I make awesome? JK). Don't worry Stareh! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED XDDDD

I've posted the first segment here! Please enjoy!

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