Don't get mad at me-I spoofed WCRW, which is a popular hit there (it's fricking hilarious), so I had to spoof this too. Enjoy~

Part 1:

Edward: Woe is meh, I have cuts and bruises! T_T

Webfoot: *smacks* Quiet fool, I'm going to heal you.

Edward: B-but T_T

Forestheart: *throws magical rocks at him* ;D

Edward: *shuts up* 8'(

Gingerstar: O.M.G, I am...

Oakstripe: What's wrong oh humbleness?

Gingerstar: Hungry. Fetch me a mouse, minion.

Mintflower: *is eating mouse* Nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom

Oakstripe: *Takes Minteh's mouse and gives it to Gingerstar* There you go.

Gingerstar: *eats* Oh joy! SUGAR MOUSE RUSH THINGY *sings the Nom Nom Nom song*


Amberwind: *rescues*

Anne: Hai.

Amberwind: AHHH It's a rat!

Anne: I'm a kit!!!!

Amberwind: *epic smacks Anne, then runs to the Twolegplace*

Stormy: Hiiii~ *insertStalkerFace*

Amberwind: *puts down 500 kits* I had your KITS :DDDDD

Stormy: I said we could have a FEW!

Amberwind: Hmm, sorry, all I got was the fact I didn't use condoms *winks*

Stormy: *facepaw*

Edward: Zis is zoooooo not wunderbar.

Webfoot: Eat the herbs or I'll shove them down your useless, pathetic, wimpy throat.

...Later that day...

Maxis: I keel you.

Edward: D8

Gingerstar: *kills Maxis*

Edward: *accidently kills his sister* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (note: "no" is said in a Darth Vader tone lol)

Maxis: My group will haunteh you! *fades away*

Random Cats: MAXIS IS *le gasp* DEAD! *Flee*

Sophia: MAXIS NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU YOU'LL ALL SUFFAH MAH WRATH (censored scene. "For the children.")

Forestheart: *kills Sophia* NYAAAAAY~

Edward: *stops sobbing* I'm now an epical epic MoonClan cat of epicness ^_^

Gingerstar: lolwut 8D

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