Read this whole epic IRC post for the almighty idea I had (that both Stareh and Sand like-ed):

[16:22] <EpicViolet> OK

[16:22] <EpicViolet> Well

[16:22] <EpicViolet> For the plot

[16:22] <@Stareh> So anyone who goes hunting can add prey to the Fresh Kill pile

[16:22] <EpicViolet> Cats are suddenly disappearing from patrols

[16:22] <@Stareh> o_o

[16:22] <EpicViolet> Cat paw prints are found, but not a scent

[16:23] <Squishee> mkay Im at the template thing and now IDK what to do

[16:23] <@Stareh> open a new tab and go to Birchy's add request

[16:23] <EpicViolet> But soon enough, Takeo (who's like some weird Sol mixed with x10 the jerkiness) returns to the clan to warn them that his revenge has come

[16:23] <Squishee> lol

[16:23] <@Stareh> O_O

[16:24] <@Stareh> Squishee: Once you got the tab open, just fill it in! :)

[16:24] <EpicViolet> The clan thinks he's the one who's made the cats vanish, but it's really his friends who have been kidnapping'

[16:24] <@Stareh> And while your at the moons. xD

[16:24] <Squishee> well I dont know what to put there....and the pic? ughhhhhh fail...sorry!

[16:24] <@Stareh> *sigh*

[16:25] <EpicViolet> And later on, after a few mysterious bumps-in-the-nights and some thrilling disappearances, all the cats that vanished are found in a cave underneath the waterfall...............

[16:25] <EpicViolet> ALIVE

[16:25] <EpicViolet> Except a few should be dead to add drama

[16:25] <EpicViolet> XD


[16:25] <Squishee> ^^

[16:25] <@Stareh> xD

[16:25] <EpicViolet> What do you think? More gripping, more drama....yeah

[16:25] <Squishee> that means I like it

[16:25] <@Stareh> Hmmmm

[16:25] <Squishee> the ahhh

[16:25] <@Stareh> Not a bad idea

[16:25] <EpicViolet> IK, Squishee

[16:25] <EpicViolet> Thanks Stareh

[16:25] <@Stareh> But obviously you have to ask people. xD

[16:25] <EpicViolet> IK

[16:26] <EpicViolet> If they want their cats to die

[16:26] <@Stareh> Cuz if their cats are gonna be dead...yah

[16:26] <Squishee> yeah....but I hvae like 9 dudes!

[16:26] <Squishee> :O

[16:26] <EpicViolet> I has moar krabs, Squishee >:3

[16:26] <EpicViolet> CX[

16:26] * Stareh burps

[16:26] <@Stareh> Too much root beer X([

16:26] <Squishee> ?[

16:26] <Squishee> lol

So, the plot would've been basically:

Cats disappear from patrols, Takeo warns the clan that his revenge has come, they get into a huge fight with him and his rogue friends and search desperately for their missing warriors-when they discover Takeo really doesn't know who's taking the cats. They find paw prints and everything but can't find their clan members.

However, soon enough, they hear yowling from behind the waterfall, and they find their missing friends-some dead, some barely alive, and some like skeletons, being fed practically tiny amounts of food while they were held hostage. They are returned to camp, and those who are dead are mourned.


If you agree with this dramatic experience and want to get rid of one of your many characters (I'm getting rid of TWO WHOLE CHARACTERS, but no spoilers ;D), SIGN BELOW :D

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